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Johnny’s Past Appearances and/or Actions.  
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There are probably LOTS of things about Johnny that you don’t know like:

He Reads and Speaks 5 languages fluently
1. English 2. Portuguese 3.  Spanish  4.  ASL (American Sign Language) and 5.  French

The following are some of the things that Johnny (John) has currently worked on, in or with.  
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July  28, 2018

Johnny was a guest at the Hollywood Show First time for him at The Westin Los Angeles  Airport Hotel  5400 West Century Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 90045, USAFor the first time, Johnny was a guest at the  General Hospital Past Cast Reunion celebrating  55 years of General Hospital.

July  29, 2018

January 28, 2018

Johnny helped to celebrate Sheena’s  9 years on LA Talk Radio.  Johnny laid another smooch to celebrate her 9thJohnny is on the Board of Directors for Alcohol Justice and attended the BoD Meeting at AJ in San Rafael, CA

Febrary16, 2018

April, 29, 2018

Johnny attended the 2018  Arnold’s Fitness Expo in Columbus, OH While I am preparing for the film Prepper’s Grove which he will be co- directing later in the year in Michigan

March 3 to 8, 2018

Another BoD Meeting, but this time in Burbank, CA  - Working with CAPA and we will have our 3rd Annual  CAPA summit in October.

April 27, 2018

JOHNNY (JOHN) loves to speak to groups and organizations on many different subjects.

John  O. Whitaker, Jr. CATCii, CAODC
Can speak on “Addiction in the Workplace”, “Signs & Symptoms of an Addict”  “The History of Addiction & How it continues today” and many other Treatment & Addiction themes.  
Contact us at

Johnny Whitaker

Speaks to groups and others on “How Anyone can Overcome Major Trauma, Addiction and other Ism’s”

“Young People in Showbiz”

He also LOVES to teach and direct Young Professional Actors and  Older as well.  For these and other subjects, contact Johnny