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Johnny is a great teacher and storyteller, ask ANY of his students.  One of the things he loves most is to teach the ART of ACTING Johnny has been taught ON THE SET by some the greatest.  Theodore Bikel, Jonathan Winters, Brian Keith, Sebastian Cabot, Ellen Burstyn, Eva Gabor, Elizabeth Montgomery and many others.  Years later, after gong to Brigham Young University learning fromTad Danielewski, Lee Strausberg's assistant, Johnny picked up his own form of acting and is excited to teach it to kids, teens and adults.

“Acting is a Life Art” and anyone can be a better person from learning about it.  Johnny believes that “ACTING” can be beneficial to every industry, it can help engender team building, group dynamics and from Employees to Management all can learn important skills.  You can make any Corporate Event made even more fun while engendering positive relationships when you book a Johnny Whitaker Acting Workshop.  Johnny believes that “ACTING” can be beneficial to every industry, employee and especially team building.  Contact us at for more information.

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All income for classes goes to John’s non-profit organization which helps find treatment and recovery for Mono-Lingual Hispanics and supports treatment in lieu of incarceration, jail and prison reform.